Prashant Puthran

Hi! I am a Software engineer based in Mumbai, India. I am working in Jeena & Company for about 13 years. I like to build software that makes life easier and impacts the most. I have developed Web & Windows Application, Mobile App, RPA Automation and REST API. I am expertize in PL/SQL(MSQL 2012) and in my most of the application Microsoft SQL Server is used


Experience Counts

I have over 19 years of Experience in software development and always been updating with latest technologies. Due to my strong knowledge in the concept of core progamming, it's easy for me to adapt to new skills and progarming langauges.

01. Application

Django is my favorite for Web Apps so most of the Web App(Responsive) developed are by using Django/ BootStrap/ JavaScript. I have also developed App for Mobile using Andriod Studio & Java and have fare experience in ASP .Net & C#

02. Automation

Daily data entries are automated by scraping from various website(with captcha) using Python. Automation of Email Services using SMTP & POP. Developed various automated interface with other application using REST API,FTP & Email Services

03. Analysts

Various Complex Analytical report has been developed using PL/SQL , Crystal reports and Excel. Have a core knowledge of database and expertize in optimzing the query.